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Kyrgyzstan is a hunting destination of mystique and intrigue like no other.  The Tian Shan mountains and the species that inhabit them are awe-inspiring and addictive.  Giant Mid Asian Ibex as well as Marco Polo Argali are abundant, while Siberian Roe Deer are hunted at lower elevations.  Hunting is generally conducted from horseback, with both day hunts and spike hunts from base camp being conducted. 


Our outfitter has the most well equipped and comfortable base camp in the country, in an incredibly game-rich area.  The number of both sheep and ibex have to be seen to be believed.  There service is first class from greeting at the airport, to travel to the hunting area, and of course the hunt itself. 


Kyrgyzstan remains very affordable compared to other Asian countries nearby, and offers the keen mountain hunter the best opportunity available to hunt Mid Asian Ibex and Marco Polo rams.

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